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Test Drive GT Dealers

A good auto dealership knows that their customers will not buy cars without first taking a test drive and GT Dealers allows interested dealerships take a “test drive” of our auto dealer application before purchasing the software. With our free live demo, dealerships can interact with the user interface of the software to get a feel for using the website and receive a live demo of the admin interface from GT Dealers to get an idea of how to operate and maintain a website with the application. Dealerships can contact GT Dealers for a live demo by phone or by clicking here to submit a request.

The free live demo from GT Dealers includes a full demonstration of the admin control panel which effectively maintains and controls the entire application. The control panel allows admins to edit the website settings such as contact info, store hours, menus, e-mail notifications, web page settings, user settings, and staff information. The control panel also tracks and displays inventory stats such as new and used vehicle search numbers, visits to vehicle description pages and the dealer info pages, and lead submissions. With our free demo, we will show interested dealerships how to edit and maintain the pages and built-in apps of the website using the control panel. Our demo also includes instruction on how to use the stats provided by the control panel that give accurate numbers of the visitors to various areas of the website. With the control panel, admins can control every aspect of the site and even customize settings to give their websites a unique look and feel. Dealerships who purchase the auto dealer application from GT Dealers will receive access to the back end control panel to be an admin for their own website.

The purpose of our free demo is to give dealerships the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the auto dealer application and discover how easy it is to use on a live website. The admin control panel makes it possible to edit, customize, and maintain a website with little to no experience with web design or code, and the built-in stats app provides accurate web traffic numbers. Contact GT Dealers for a free demo to learn how our auto dealer application can benefit your website.