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The internet is a highly competitive market place with consumers who may spend anywhere from one to eight seconds on a website before moving on to the next one. The internet market place can get especially competitive among auto dealers which adds significance to the performance of their websites. The performance of your website affects the convenience to the user which is crucial in maintaining internet traffic. The auto dealer application from GT Dealers is the best performing dealer application available with smooth operation and fast page loading speed to keep users on your website. A high performing website yields a high level of convenience which keeps users interested instead of moving on in frustration.

The main contributor to the high performance of the GT Dealers auto dealer application is the page speed. Google measures this quality using what they call their PageSpeed Score which is a free download for Google Chrome. The PageSpeed Score gives websites a score out of 100 based on how fast the website loads and reloads its pages. Using this tool, we can compare our auto dealer application with other commonly used dealer apps such as Dealer E-process. Dealer E-process websites get an average score of 73 out of 100 for page speed while our demo website with our auto dealer application gets an average score of 90 out of 100. The auto dealer application is also scalable which means that the page speed will be just as fast regardless of the amount of visitors to the site at a given time. The faster page speeds means faster loading time and search results for convenient navigation.

In addition to page speed, the clean layout and smooth functionality also add to the performance of the auto dealer application. The website template has a crisp design with easy-to-navigate menus and the search, lead, and vehicle compare functions produce instantaneous results. If dealerships experience problems with the performance of the application, GT Dealers is available to provide support and fix the problem immediately. Our auto dealer application makes it easy for dealerships to maintain high performance websites to keep steady traffic numbers and then flexible design allows us to provide quick and effective support.