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The auto dealer application (Auto Dealer Website) from GT Dealers is very versatile and has plenty of capabilities that contribute to its ease of use and its functionality. On this page is a breakdown of each capability of the application and how these features make maintaining a website with this application easy and effective.

Control Panel: Every feature of the auto dealer application and website can be controlled and edited using the flexible, back-end control panel interface. From the control panel, admins can create web pages, leads, and specials; track visitors and inventory searches performed; and update and edit settings regarding contact info, store hours, e-mail notifications, menus, users, and staff information. The dashboard of the control panel provides an easy-to-use interface and the functions within the dashboard include step-by-step prompts to perform maintenance easily and quickly.

Customization: The auto dealer website application uses a flexible template design that allows for the creation of customized web pages. When creating a web page with the application, the admin is given a choice of six templates for the page layout. GT Dealers can also incorporate any template design into the application within days very easily because we developed the application from scratch. Once a template is chosen, admins are taken to the edit page which has separate content boxes for the different sections of the page layout along with SEO description and keywords boxes. Text, videos, pictures, and other media can be put directly into the content boxes easily without using code and the SEO boxes can also be filled out with plain text to better optimize the page for searches. The flexible design of the web templates and the ability to incorporate new templates into the design gives websites with our application a custom look and feel.

Real Time Inventory/ Specials Interface: The auto dealer application has a real time interface that allows dealerships to stay current with the website’s inventory and specials offered. The inventory can be automated or changed on demand and using the control panel interface, admins can view and edit vehicle information, delete vehicles, add pictures and create specials for certain vehicles. These changes are reflected immediately, or in real time, in the website. The specials, which can be set for one or more cars at once, are created in the inventory pages and updated or deleted in the specials management of the control panel. Every special created with the application includes a description, discount amount, and a start and end date.

SEO and Content Management: The auto dealer application was built not just for aesthetics and ease of use, but also with SEO in mind. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to gaining higher traffic and each web page and vehicle description page created within the application includes built-in SEO titles, tags, descriptions, and keywords. Each SEO function has a designated box in the edit pages that can be edited with plain text. The web page templates also have built-in article platforms so that articles can be added directly and easily edited within the application. By utilizing the built-in platforms for text and SEO, the web pages will perform much better in search engine results.

Stats and Lead Management: The auto dealer application provides admins with very accurate statistics of visits to vehicle description pages, the hours and directions pages, and the number of inventory searches performed of both new and used vehicles on the auto dealer website. The statistics can be accessed via the control panel which also has a tab that displays the website’s most viewed pages. The data is presented with a line graph, a pie graph, and a daily breakdown of the numbers and admins can choose the dates on the stats pages to view data over different time periods. This application also tracks the number of leads submitted to the website. Leads are built into the pages of the different departments of a dealership including sales, service, body shop, parts, and finance. Each department lead can be set to notify one or multiple e-mails upon lead submission and the lead data is displayed in the same fashion as the traffic data. The stats and lead management mini-apps built into the auto dealer application makes it easy for dealers to track the traffic on their websites to see which pages drive the most.

Vehicle Search: The vehicle search function of the auto dealer application is highly comprehensive and provides users with rapid results. The search includes extensive filtering by type, make, model, price, and a variety of other characteristics to refine the search for more specific results. Within the search results, the application gives users the option of selecting up to four vehicles to compare side-by-side. One the comparison page, the vehicle description boxes can be dragged and dropped and important features of the vehicles are highlighted and lined up next to each other. The highly comprehensive vehicle search of the auto dealer application makes searching dealership inventories convenient for their customers.