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Ease of Use

The admin control panel of the GT Dealers auto dealer application makes managing the application very easy with no previous webmaster or HTML coding experience required. Using the control panel, Admins can view number of visits to certain pages, inventory searches performed, and submitted leads. The control panel also gives full capability to create and edit web pages, product specials, menus, and other important information regarding the dealership. The control panel includes a step-by-step process for each function to make updates and modification easy.

The stats feature of the control panel keeps very accurate information regarding website traffic analysis and lead generation in an easy to use interface. By clicking the icon for one of the statistics, a page will come up that displays the data within a determined or customizable time period. These traffic statistics include information about visitor searches of new and used cars, VDP’s, traffic to the Hours & Directons Page, and generated leads. The stats feature provides a simple yet effective interface for important traffic and lead information.

The website settings are also very easy to manage with the control panel, including: contact info, hours, menus, and staff information. With the control panel, Admins can change the information in any of these areas by clicking on one of these icons and the change will show anywhere that information appears throughout the website. For example, the hours of operation can be changed by clicking on the store hours icon and changing what has been typed into the hours fields for each department. Once the change has been made, it will be reflected site-wide where those hours display. This saves Admins the inconvenience of having to change such basic information on every page it appears.

The auto dealer application from GT Dealers also makes creation from the back end very easy, especially for Admins who have no formal training in web design. When Admins click on “Add Custom Page,” they are taken through a step-by-step process in which they will enter a page title and name and choose from one of 6 templates for the page layout. Once a template is chosen, the edit page will come up that includes a space for the page content and spaces for SEO descriptions and keywords for easy optimization. Pictures and videos can also be added to a web page simply by copying and pasting a link. This feature makes it possible to create optimized web pages without entering a single code.

While the auto dealer application from GT Dealers is easy to use on the back end for Admins, it is also easy to use on the front end for users searching for vehicles. The vehicle search has many filters to refine the search such as make, model, price, year, MPG, body style, and exterior and interior colors among others and the search also has the option for users to compare up to four cars side by side. The vehicle comparison lists all important options and features of the vehicles and lists standard information side by side for easy comparison. The vehicle columns can also be dragged or dropped on the comparison page. The vehicle search provided in the auto dealer application is very comprehensive and easy to use. The filters allow for easy, refined searches without being overwhelmed and the search results are produced very quickly.