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One of the most noticeable characteristics of a website is the design itself. Websites that stand out have crisp, original designs that keep the content well organized and easy to find. The GT Dealers auto application has a very flexible design template that we can easily change or manipulate and it includes several built-in web page template options to provide a variety of different looks. The web page templates also make it easy to add pictures, videos, and other media to enrich the content. With the GT Dealers auto dealer application, dealerships can customize the look of their websites to help it stand out among the multitude of auto dealer websites.

The secret behind the flexibility of the design is that GT Dealers built this auto dealer application from scratch which makes it easy for us to change the design faster than other dealer application providers. This allows us to incorporate any new template designs as soon as they become available. The application already includes six different web page templates that divide and display the content in various ways. Once a template is chosen, the edit page separates the content areas into boxes in which admins can enter plain text content or copy and paste text, links, and videos. These boxes also have an icon to put pictures and videos directly on the webpage. The built-in features of the web page creation function of the auto dealer application makes building unique, content rich web pages quick and easy. GT Dealers can also change the design completely for dealers who want a design template that is not included originally in the application.

While this application was programmed to provide a large amount of design and customization options, we understand that some of our clients may have their own template ideas that they would like to incorporate. We programmed the auto dealer application with a flexible design so that it can be changed easily to accommodate any design idea. The flexibility of the programming also allows us to provide much faster support to keep your website fresh and functional. A unique and neat design helps a website stand out among the others and the auto dealer application from GT Dealers leaves room for customizations to build unique web pages.