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Built for SEO

Good SEO practices are crucial for generating internet traffic which is why GT Dealers built the auto dealer application to be very SEO friendly. The webpage platform has built-in SEO features and CMS that make creating and editing SEO details fast and simple for each page of the website. When a page is created with this application, the first prompt will ask for a page title and a page name that is incorporated in the URL for the page. The title appears in the toolbar as well as the top of the page and it is one of the main things search engines look for in a website. The built-in CMS will work the page name into a simple, search engine friendly URL which is beneficial for getting indexed by search engines.

The next step in the web page creation process is choosing a template design and entering content on the editor page. The content areas on this page have built-in CMS for neat, SEO friendly coding and built-in areas designated for SEO descriptions and SEO keywords. The keywords and description entered here are picked up by search engines when matching keywords are entered in a search. It is important, however, that the keywords and descriptions used are relevant to the page and used tastefully within the text of the page to maximize traffic gained from search engines. The vehicle description page editor also has easy to update SEO boxes for custom title, custom SEO description, custom SEO keywords, and custom dealer comment. With the built-in CMS and SEO features of the auto dealer application, dealers can easily add, update, and change SEO information to help generate more internet traffic from search engines.

While the auto dealer application from GT Dealers makes updating the SEO information for your website easy, determining the best keywords to use requires some extra work such as performing keyword research and running analytics on the website to see where your internet traffic is coming from and which keywords are driving the most traffic. And keywords are only one SEO strategy! GT Dealers offers SEO services that include performing keyword research to see which keywords are most used in search engines both nationally and locally as well as running Google analytics tools on the website to track PageRank, incoming internet traffic, and most popular keywords. We also offer additional SEO services that employ different strategies such as content creation and optimization, directory management and creation, webmaster services, PPC management, and social media management.

GT Dealers built the auto dealer application to make entering the SEO information simple yet we offer SEO services because we understand that managing SEO details may take time away from running the business itself. Contact GT Dealers to learn more about our auto dealer application and our SEO services.